5 Ways to Help Seniors During the Holidays

5 Ways to Help Seniors During the Holidays


Winter holidays came to an end. It is the period when you get a chance to learn more about the needs of the elderly and their emotional wellness. Due to some experience, you will prepare yourself for the following holidays. 

A survey among caregivers shows that about 80% of them find senior holidays an emotionally stressful period for most of the elderly. Why? In most cases, it’s holiday fatigue.

Senior Holidays and Loneliness: How to deal with it?


Most people can experience feelings of loneliness, regardless of age. However, it is more common among the elderly. The reasons and factors can be countless: whether it is holidays for the elderly with limited mobility or facing the issue of living alone, being far from relatives, having loss, chronic illness, or just being in a family when all the members are actively engaged in parties, events, and the elderly have lack of social contact. In the end, you could feel guilty for not spending more quality time with your loved ones. 

How to Help the Elderly Living at Home?


Well, these holidays are in the past! For the next one, you can already explore more activities for seniors to make the senior holidays fun and help them reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Most elderly experience different age-related issues, so they need an expert approach to elder live-in care. From specialised therapies to improving the holidays for elderly with limited mobility, helping with age-friendly activities for seniors, and more: experienced caregivers use their skills and knowledge to help the elderly reduce holiday fatigue, helping them be engaged in activities for seniors. 

If you want your seniors to avoid experiencing holiday loneliness and reduce the risks of social isolation and depression, you can keep in my several must-have tips.

1. Encourage Connections

Some of the elderly face physical challenges in leaving their house. However, with the help of caregivers, you can help them to participate in different activities special for the elderly, encourage them to spend quality time with relatives, and meet new people. If you find it hard or are away, you can consider different communication tools to connect with your loved ones and express your love and care.

2. Keep them Involved

If you are going to spend your holidays with your elderly, consider keeping them involved, depending on their physical condition. You might provide extra care to them, but they will feel better and happier if they can help. For instance, ask them to prepare a dish, which they have prepared before, and it was your favourite, you can go for a walk and do some shopping together., etc. Consider what will make them happy the most.

3. Follow Dietary Restrictions

Age and health issues bring more restrictions for the elderly. Holiday dishes and dining tables can be impressive and cause the elderly to forget their dietary restrictions. It can sometimes bring unwanted consequences. To avoid any issues and ensure good nutrition for the elderly, make sure to have special dishes for them that will ensure they will have no trouble with digestion and other food-related issues.

4. Create Memories

Ageing is not the easiest thing for most of the elderly to cope with. The elderly sometimes go too deep into the old memories,  that they have a feeling of loneliness. Keeping them involved in a new and different activity will help them boost their mood and create new memories. Consider their preferences before choosing any activity.

5. Avoid Forcing Things

You might want your loved ones to feel better and more involved, and ask them to do something quite difficult for them, be it in preparation or going out shopping with you, etc. Whatever you decide, consider their opinion, and do not bring emotional and physical difficulties to them.


The holiday season is the best time to express your love and care to your elderly. According to an AARP Foundation survey, spending quality time with the family during the holiday season makes more than 67% of participants happy. Even if you have plans, you want to spend your holidays travelling, or in another option, you can always find a way to express your love and help the elderly enjoy the holiday season and overcome difficulties.