Elderly People must keep their muscles active in the cold weather.

As we approach the festive season and temperatures dip, it is easy to stay snuggled in at home, watching television, cosy under a blanket, our physical movements become very limited.

Days can become weeks without realising the negative impact this is having on our bodies.

According to a recent study, researchers have confirmed how the same period of inactivity has a greater and more severe impact on the muscle power of the lower limbs of older people than younger people.

This directly affects older people’s essential movements like climbing the stairs and moving around their homes.

Older People must keep their muscles active in this cold weather.

Older People must keep their muscles active in this cold weather.

The disuse of muscles due to a sedentary lifestyle or short periods of inactivity caused by cold weather, hospitalisation, or illness can dramatically enhance the decline in muscle mass, metabolic health, and functional capacity. This loss of muscle power caused by disuse can be especially detrimental.

The results obtained are relevant not only to understand the inactivity-dependent enhancement of the decline in muscles but also to design rehabilitation.

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