Arranging care for an elderly parent


When it is time for us to think about arranging care for our elderly relatives the prospect can often be overwhelming. Having to seek out information while juggling our own busy needs and responsibilities is a challenge. Full-time jobs, young families and other pressures can leave little time for arrangingĀ  quality care. Not to mention the distance many of us must travel to visit our relatives. It is no wonder many families find this a stressful period.

At an emotional and difficult time families need help and advice if they are going to find the right solutions for them. Thankfully there are ways we can make this transition easier for all involved. Where do we start?

Seek out advice in advance

Arranging care for a parent can be stressful, often the need can arise unexpectidly and choosing the right company can make things difficult. We are less effective when we are under stress, so looking in to care in advance will make things a little easier.

Every person is different with different needs and preferences which are important. Taking time to talk about these issues with your elderly parent will reassure them and help put your mind at rest.

Planning care and seeking out information for the elderly person

When an elderly parent requires care in the home for the first time, relatives may not know where to go for help or how to find information. This is where local professional home care companies can help. You can also try the Domiciliary care company list provided Bromley Council.

A senior representative from the home care agency will discuss the care services that are available and help you choose the best option. It is advisable to get advice from someone you are comfortable dealing with and there should be no pressure, obligation or charges for initial consultations.

Financial and legal issues

You may wish to consider your financial situation to make the transition go more smoothly. Research local support services that can help with benefits and advice. You can also discuss these issues with your local home care representative. Adequate planning and saving can ease the difficulties when the time comes to arrange care.

A good idea when is to discuss who will be the main contacts for your parent. Provide details of email and phone numbers of family, friends and neighbours in case of emergency.

Be aware that there are some unscrupulous people about who may try to take advantage of families during these difficult times. Look out for scams and only use reputable companies with a proven track record of exceptional care.


Assessing the individual needs of your family is paramount to providing good quality care. Individual health, medical needs, mobility, financial situation, as well as the preferences of the parent and their family are all important when creating a care plan, so make sure you take a keen interest.

Examples of home care available

Once the home care provider has informed you of the services they provide, a contract will be drawn up as a guide to care. Here are some examples of the kind of care that can be provided in the home. This will give an idea of what is available to families who may be planning care for their elderly relative:

      • Shopping: home carers can collect groceries and other shopping as well as unpack it.
      • Meal preparation: some or all meals can be prepared and cooked as well as snacks.
      • Support around the home: carers can be on hand to provide everyday assistance around the home.
      • Household chores: light household chores can be undertaken by the home care service.
      • Running errands: help with your every day errends.
      • Gardening: light gardening tasks can be undertaken.
      • laundry: home care services can take care of the laundry needs of their client.
      • Specialist care: This is care tailored to a specific medical needs.

Arranging care in the home can lighten the load for families, and professional carers can provide support through the transition period. Home care companies continually seek to improve their services and can create the best environment for your family’s needs through the process of planning care, whatever those needs might be.

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