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We are often asked what a care plan is and what it involves so I thought this would be a good time to go into more detail and explain the ins and outs. There is no “standard” care plan format, each company will have a variation on the theme of “what care does this person need.” For that reason, I’ve put together some more detailed information about what our care plans at River Garden care contain. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below, and I will get back to you.

When providing care and support to someone, it is really important that information about the person is gathered together with a clear record about the type of care that they need or would like.

This written document is called a care plan. Having this information fulfils several purposes,

  • It ensures that we have information that allows us to start getting to know our clients
  • It clearly identifies what level and type of care and support a client would like, and how and when this is to be delivered.
  • It enables care staff to deliver consistent support to clients
  • It enables clients and their representatives to be involved in putting the document together and having access to a written record of what has been agreed.
  • It enables us to fulfil some of our obligations in regards to record keeping and evidencing what we do.


With River Garden Care, once you have agreed that you would like us to help you with some support, we would need to meet with you, and whoever you wanted to have with you to support you to start writing your care plan.

Hobbies and interests

It’s best for this meeting to take place at your house, but if this isn’t possible, then where ever you are staying at that time, though we would need to visit your home to carry out a risk assessment of the environment.

Our care plans have the following sections:

  • Your personal details
  • Background and history (including family or friends)
  • Health and medication
  • Mobility
  • Daily routines
  • Meal and food preferences and needs
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Social activities
  • Specialist care


We try to learn as much about you as we can, it’s really important that we begin to find out about you as a person and the things that are important to you so that we can deliver the best care possible. We will also talk to you about the kind of support you would like so we are able to document this thoroughly and in as much detail as possible.

The type of support you would like or need will be written down separately so it is easy to find and keep up to date.

We would also need to carry out an assessment of any risks either as a result of your health or care needs and your home. As providers, we have a responsibility to you as our client, and our staff team to reduce any risk we identify to keep everyone as safe as possible. This does not mean that we want to wrap people in cotton wool or stop you from doing things however as we appreciate risk is part of everyday life.

Your care plan would be fully written up and ready for you to read through when we started to deliver your care. Any care staff who will be working with you would have read it before you meet them for the first time. You or your representative will also be asked to sign a copy to say that you were involved in the process and agree with the information that has been written down.

Your care plan will be kept under regular review to ensure the information is kept up to date and reflects any changes that may occur, and you will always be involved in this. You will always have a copy of your care plan along with any other information in a folder which will remain at your home.

Your care assistant will make a written record of what they did in this folder every time they visit you and will ask you to sign it. They will also make a record of any support they provide with your medication, your meals and drinks, any money they handled for you, any visitors and any accidents or incidents that happened whilst they were with you.

A senior member of staff from the office will regularly review and audit these records to make sure you are being supported as we agreed and to check that your care and support remains appropriate.

You or your representative can call us at any time if you would like any part of your support package changed.

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