Coronavirus and Home Care.  Coronavirus has shown the increased need and demand for Home Care.

With hospitals filling up with coronavirus patients, experts say the pandemic has highlighted the increased need and importance of care in the home. For older people recovering from the coronavirus, home care is essential. 

Home Care is when a health care professional provides additional oxygen, monitors vital signs, administers medication, and helps with daily tasks such as eating, bathing, and getting in and out of bed.

Home care professionals say the coronavirus pandemic shows how crucial the Home Care industry is. It provides life-saving services to people who are vulnerable while keeping them safe in their own homes.

Nurses, therapists, home health aides, have stepped in to help fragile, medically vulnerable elderly people stay home and help elderly people come home from hospitals and nursing homes, which have been under incredible stress.

The care workers have adapted to the pandemic, learning new protocols and infection control regimens, and wearing new types of protective equipment.

There are three main areas of home care: the short-term, immediate care a person may receive after they leave a hospital and need additional treatment; medium -term monitoring and management of a chronic illness over time; and palliative care – long term.

coronaviurs and homecare
Coronavirus and Home Care.  Coronavirus has shown the increased need and demand for Home Care.


Home care also includes a broad range of medical and personal services for people who need assistance in the home. This can include help with daily living needs, such as services provided by a home health aide, as well as medical needs provided by medical professionals, such as nurses or therapists.

Home care can include personal daily tasks such as help with medications, bathing and turning to prevent bed sores. It can also include medical care such as taking care of wounds, administering infusions and injections, providing physical therapy, managing, and monitoring vital signs and other medical interventions.

Home care employees are also critical front-line workers in the fight against coronavirus, and face similar issues hospitals face, such as the initial lack of life-saving personal protective equipment. Such equipment is essential to protect elderly patients the home care workers serve every day and to protect themselves.

Home care delivers care in people’s private homes, there is going to be a huge, growing demand. This has been the fastest-growing need for home care services to date.

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