Dementia and Loneliness are the conditions affecting the emotional wellbeing of our older people the most. Mental health issues and depression are commonly found amongst older people too.

Improving Wellbeing

Helping the wellbeing of dementia and loneliness sufferers is crucial. As referenced by Age UK London there are 130,000 people aged over 85 in London. This is expected to increase to 180,000 by 2024.

There are 51,900 people over the age of 65 in the London Borough of Bromley. This is set to increase with the UK’s ageing population.

Below are some examples of how we can help improve the wellbeing of our older people.


Spending time with loved ones lessen the effects of Dementia & Loneliness.

Spending time with loved ones lessen the effects of Dementia & Loneliness.

Be Active

Increased levels of activity, engagement and involvement can have a positive effect on the quality of life of our older people.

Inactivity and low levels of engagement lead to loss of physical function, social isolation, behavioural symptoms and poor quality of life.

Loved Ones and Carers

Family, friends and carers should be involved in these activities to ensure the activity is meaningful. And that relationships are developed and maintained.
This can include daily activities such as dressing and eating, reading, gardening, and arts and crafts. Activities can be structured or spontaneous.

Personal Identity

Older people should be enabled to maintain and develop their personal identity.

Past Years

Being aware of an older person’s personal history and interests can make a real difference to their self-esteem and their self-confidence.

Older people should be seen as having a past and having had interests in their life. Rather than as just someone who, for example, has dementia.

Opinions and Choice

Older people should be involved in decision-making. They should be supported and enabled to express who they are as an individual. We should encouarge them to do want they want. And make their own choices whenever possible.

Furthermore, we can ensure that older people are able to choose their own clothes. Have their most valued possessions with them, and choose where to sit while they are eating.

Small measures can make a real difference when it comes to looking after our older people. To give them the best love and care possible. To minimise the effects of living with Dementia and Loneliness.

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