Elderly People’s Christmas & New Year.

The Christmas tree is up, and Christmas lights are shining in the night skies. The festive season is upon us. A time of laughter, food and celebration.
Christmas is especially special for our older people who look forward to seeing and spending time with their families & friends.

Christmas is when we spend quality family time and create precious memories with our elderly loved ones. To make them feel valued and cherished. To reflect on events from the year.

Following on from Christmas, most of us see the New Year as a time for starting fresh and setting off on the right foot. New Year is the perfect time for you and your elderly loved ones to set goals, priorities, dreams and desires. A time to create some healthy resolutions that can last the rest of your life.

Christmas is a special time for our Elderly

Christmas is a special time for our Elderly

Here are just 5 easy ways you can prepare for Christmas and the New Year, achieve your goals and support your elderly loved ones to do the same.

1. Goals need to be realistic.

Try not to do too much at once, Christmas and the New Year can bring a lot of stresses into your life. Start with one resolution at a time. Set a deadline on your calendar. Don’t panic if you didn’t meet the deadline, just move it along on the calendar. Just don’t give up until you reach you goal.

2. Live life to the max!

Enjoy your surroundings, discover what your local community offers. Pick up that book that you have been saying you are going to read. Have a chat and laugh with a friend or your neighbour. It’s a New Year! Time for new beginnings.

3. It’s all about you…

It’s important to plan some ‘me’ time. Whether you’re a Carer or an older person, you need time for yourself. That could mean you asking for a little support. Just make sure you set aside time so that you can enjoy yourself.

4. That difficult conversation.

Having difficult conversation with older loved ones may feel odd or uncomfortable. Yet, once the conversation starts it will be a relief. It’s a great time to get organised with important documents. Such as insurance, financial information and assets.

5. Time for sleep!

To make sure you are living your life to the max you need to get an adequate amount of sleep. Experts recommend between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. Keep track of how you feel. A consistent bedtime routine and avoiding afternoon naps can help a great night’s sleep.

River Garden Home Care

We will continue with our Care Services throughout the festive period. And our Offices will be open as normal.

Here’s to a happy, restful and peaceful festive Christmas and a Happy New 2019, a year of caring for our Elderly People with compassion and respect. River Garden Home Care are here to help.

From all of us here at River Garden Home Care we would like to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

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