Festive Wishes for a Safe, Positive and Peaceful New Year.

The Christmas tree is up, and Christmas lights are shining in the night skies. The festive season is upon us.  A time of laughter, food, and celebration.

Christmas is especially special for our elderly loved ones who look forward to seeing and spending time with their families & friends.  Christmas is when we spend quality family time and create precious memories with our elderly loved ones.

However, this year unfortunately is like no other, a year of a pandemic, a year of loneliness, isolation, and hardships.

It is therefore ever so more important for us to all have a positive mental mind set and encourage our elderly loved ones to have the same.

We need to keep our older people busy with hobbies, activities, and lots of conversations….

It is so vital for our elderly loved ones to open up and share their feelings.

Whether they need companionship, a helping hand, home help or live-in care; River Garden Home Care are here to help.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements so we can tailor our services to meet your needs.


River Garden Home Care

We will continue with our Care Services throughout the festive period, and our Offices will be open as normal.

We endeavour to provide complete and timely services throughout Christmas and the New Year; however, we would kindly ask you to bear with us in the eventuality of our Care Workers’ time off, reduced public transportation, traffic, illness, car break down etc, or any emergencies that may occur.

Please accept our apologies in advance but rest assured that we will always cover the scheduled visit.


Festive Wishes for a Safe, Positive and Peaceful New Year.

Festive Wishes for a Safe, Positive and Peaceful New Year.


Here is to a safe, restful, and peaceful festive Christmas and a Happy New 2021,

From all of us here at River Garden Home Care we would like to wish you all the absolute best for Christmas and the New Year.