How can I Balance Caring for My Elderly Family Member with My Other Responsibilities, such as Work or caring for Children?

Millions of people worldwide provide support for their elderly family members. Studies show that caregivers often experience a range of emotions, including stress, exhaustion, and guilt for having a lack of time for caring for elderly parents. In some cases, you may feel that you have not done enough for taking care of elderly parents or that you could have done things differently.

Have you ever regretted not having enough time for caring for elderly parents? 

The average number of hours worked per week by employees in member countries is approximately 38 hours. Let’s see that you work more or less, have other responsibilities, and have to care for your little ones managing childcare activities such as feeding, bathing, and playing with their children or have teens that also require much attention.

 With all these, many people work multiple jobs or have irregular schedules, which can make it even more challenging to balance caregiving responsibilities and provide enough time for caring for elderly parents all the time. What is the solution?

Care Services for Taking Care of the Elderly and Time Management

Private home care has changed how people find balance in their caregiver responsibilities and daily lives. Millions of home care services worldwide, ranging from small, local organisations to larger international companies, have changed how you can provide support to your loved ones, ensuring they feel confident and safe and avoid loneliness or social isolation.

When you hire a caregiver, you can assign most caregiving tasks to them to reduce your workload and free up time for your other responsibilities. Besides, caregivers have much more experience in dealing with different situations, and their expertise can help reduce stress levels and improve the quality of care for your loved one.

Seeking support is a top action for seniors and a practice for self-care. With caregiver services and some steps, you can manage your time more effectively and maintain a better work-life balance. Check out the tips for balancing caring for your elderly family member with your other responsibilities:

  1. Assess your Situation

Providing care to your loved ones can be emotionally and physically demanding. You need to get a detailed understanding of your situation to provide the needed care while maintaining your health and well-being. Besides, it can help to better understand how much time you should devote to caring for your elderly and other responsibilities.

  1. Plan your Day and Week

Statistics show that people who regularly engage in planning and time management activities experience less stress and achieve more of their responsibilities. Planning will help you to use your time efficiently and avoid fatigue. Besides, planning helps get ready for unexpected events while staying on top of your other responsibilities.

  1. Decide the Most Critical Tasks

People who prioritise their tasks are less likely to experience burnout. Multiple tasks and responsibilities compete for our time and attention. Prioritising will help you to manage your time effectively and avoid wasting your time on less crucial ones.

  1. Stay Tuned to Technology

You can find helpful tools and resources for help in the seniors’ care. From online calendars and apps to keep track of appointments and medications to video conferencing tools to stay connected with your loved one, home automation systems that can detect falls and other emergencies, and telehealth platforms that allow for remote medical consultations: staying up-to-date with these technologies will save your time and improve the care quality of your loved ones.

  1. Consider Taking Breaks

While providing care for your elderly, you should not forget about self-care: eat well, get enough sleep, and take breaks when you need. Taking breaks can increase productivity by giving you a chance to recharge and refocus your energy on your other responsibilities.


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