Stroke symptoms in older people.


Symptoms of stroke in older people need to be recognised as quickly as possible. The Stroke Association, in the United Kingdom confirm a stroke happens every forty seconds, and is one of the top five leading causes of death in the country. Being...

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Dementia and Loneliness Wellbeing


Dementia and Loneliness are the conditions affecting the emotional wellbeing of our older people the most. Mental health issues and depression are commonly found amongst older people too. Improving Wellbeing Helping the wellbeing of dementia and...

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The Importance of Eating Well


It is important for older people to maintain their health and energy, and to do this eating nutritious foods is vital. We need a balanced diet as we age to support all the changes in the body. It is common for older people to have a small...

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Rivergarden Homecare


Homecare Services are often making the headlines, for mostly the wrong reasons. With large funding gaps in community services for older people and a misalignment between government and the health and care sectors. Despite this, here at...

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