Keep Warm This Winter


Winter is here and the days (and nights) are getting colder. There has been plenty of very cold weather so far this year so we all need to be prepared. Keeping warm is really important for health and well-being, so here are a few hints and tips to help get through the cold weather.

  1. Check your heating to ensure that it is all working properly. Heating systems should have a service every year. If it is working properly then bills could be lower.
  2. If you have an open fire make sure to get the chimney swept and have fire alarms fitted. You can get a free fire risk assessment from your local fire service, they may also fit fire alarms for you (at no cost) if you don’t have them already.
  3. We also advise you to fit carbon monoxide alarms in your home if you have not already. Using the heating regularly means increased risk of a leak.​
  4. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather, wear more layer as lots of thin layers trap warmth better than fewer thick layers. Wearing a hat in the house can also help to keep warmer. If you are going out, make sure your shoes are robust and have a strong grip. It’s important to have a water proof coat handy as well as gloves and a scarf. If you are in the house, keep some blankets nearby in case the evening gets colder.
  5. Heating your home is costly; check the government’s official website to see if you are eligible to receive any help.
  6. Pay close attention to the weather forecasts and plan your food shop or any other activity away from the worst of the weather.
  7. Use a hot water bottle (or 2) at night, but fill it from the hot tap and wrap it in a clean cloth if it does not have a cover to prevent the risk of burning yourself
  8. Eat regular hot meals – sandwiches are not good in the winter. Porridge, soup and a cooked lunch or dinner will help you to feel warmer.
  9. Ask someone to check that your doors, letter box and windows to make sure that they are not draughty and if they are then fit some draught excluder strips.

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