Official launch of our new website


This is Liz Bowles, Senior Care Manager at River Garden Care.

We are all really proud and excited to be launching River Garden Care as a new Home Care company in Bromley, furnished with a brand new website. You may be thinking that there are already a lot of different companies providing that service in the area, but we feel we bring something different.

We are committed to providing really high quality care from a well trained and motivated team of care assistants, all picked on the basis of “would we let them look after our own Mums.”

I have worker in Social Care for over 40 years and have always wanted to give the very best care and support that I could to all of the clients I have worked with. I also have a very elderly Mum who has dementia and now needs 24 hour care, but prior to that was being supported by care assistants who visited her in her home. Because of this, I understand the difficulties and issues inherent in trying to find good quality care for someone you love. When my Mum had home care assistants visiting, her most regular grumble was that the person who came was often someone she had not met before or that they were late.

If a stranger arrived, she would invariably refuse support with her personal care and the same would apply if they did not come at the time she was expecting them. At River Garden Care, we commit to sending consistent workers who will come at the time that you want them to. We want our clients to be able to build good relationships with the carer who visits and to develop trust and confidence in them. We know this can only happen if the support is provided consistently from the same person or people (depending on how many visits you would like.

We hope that you find our slick new website informative and easy to use. If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.

I would be happy to have a chat with you over the phone or come to visit you if you would like to talk about how you think we could help you.

Liz Bowles

Senior Care Manager

River Garden Care

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