Many older people are weary at the idea of home care help. It could be the fact that there’s a stranger in their home or simply that they’ve always been independent.

But here at Rivergarden we feel that there are many benefits of reaching out for that extra homecare help.

Your Loved One Can Maintain Some of their Independence
When your loved one has homecare help with them, they may at first feel that they are being watched. But the reality is that having someone available allows your loved one to stay at home and maintain some of their independence while still having help when they need it.

Your Loved One Can Feel Safer at Home
Sometimes your loved ones might forget to lock the door or might be uncertain whether the cooker has been turned off. Having a home care provider there helps to eliminate some of those concerns, both for you and your loved ones.  Your loved one might have other issues but by having someone else around enables them to feel safer then being alone.

An extra helping hand for your Loved One.
Being a family homecarer takes up a lot of time and energy. Making time for yourself is crucial but not always possible.  Having the option to work with home care providers to take over when you need time away gives you a way to ensure that you do take time out whilst leaving your loved ones in capable, experienced hands.laughing specialist with the patient

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