Winter Wellness for Elderly People


Winter Wellness for Elderly People. Winter Wellness is important for all of us, especially more so for our elderly loved ones. From your immune system to your joints, skipping the essentials this winter is a fool’s game! Don’t miss out on River...

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Is Home Care better than Care Homes.


Is Home Care better than Care Homes. Home Care or Care Homes: a comparison of elderly care options.  Home care and care homes – what is the difference? Care homes, or Home Care? The choice can be confusing.  Different families have...

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Elderly and COVID-19 Vaccines.


Elderly and COVID-19 Vaccines. What to expect. With vaccines to protect us all against COVID-19 here, what should our elderly expect? Our elderly are bearing the brunt of severe disease from COVID-19. Namely, Pfizer and Astra Zenica Oxford, are...

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