Helping older people be independent means providing opportunities to maintain a better quality of life.

Encouraging them to do things for themselves. Encouraging a healthy diet. Supporting brain health through social interaction and activities that stretch the mind. Supporting older people to live longer in their own homes.

We know that older people prefer to stay in their own homes and communities until it is impossible for them to do so. Rather than move into residential care. Living independently comes with many benefits. Such as the ability to retain independence, freedom to have family and friends visit whenever they like, and the comforts of remaining in their most familiar place.

Older People's Independence & Positivity is Crucial.

Older People’s Independence & Positivity is Crucial.

Research has shown that older people want to be involved in decisions about their care. We need to ensure we work closely with older people and their families to ensure that care packages meet their personal needs. We need to support our older people to live independently.

Many factors contribute to positive health and well-being. Including quality of health and social care and lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise.
As the number of older people in England continues to grow, this brings with it the associated increase in age-related chronic illnesses.
Taking regular exercise is an important aspect of staying healthy and active and can help protect against several serious health conditions. Including heart disease and diabetes.

We should encourage older people to take regular exercise.

Physical activity can prevent a range of health issues. It can improve both mental well-being and physical health. And lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and early death.

As well supporting the long-term health and social needs of people living in their own homes. We need to give our older people the confidence to do so.

Community involvement helps to support community confidence and cohesion. Finding different ways and places to talk to our older people, will help to create positivity in the lives of our older people.

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