Talking to parents about home care

As our parents get older they may require help with carrying out tasks around the house or managing their self care independently. Using a quality home care company is one positive solution which can benefit the whole family.

Many elderly people dread having to move to a care home, because they may not want to leave a home they’ve lived in for years. They may also fear losing their independence and links with their local community. Many people also worry about the quality of the care they will receive.

Benefits Of Home Care 

When an elderly parent is starting to struggle to manage at home, then hiring a professional company to assist them can benefit all parties in a variety of ways. It means that the person can still live in their own home, and relatives and friends have greater peace of mind that they are being properly cared for and have professionals to share the caring which can relieve pressure on families.

Independence is valued by all of us, and for a son or daughter to tell a parent that they may need some help requires a very sensitive approach. Realising that we aren’t as young as we used to be, and that we are being affected by age can be hard to accept. It’s human nature to try and retain pride and independence, by being able to still do the things you always have. But, at some stage, that will no longer be practical.

When we reach old age we are more susceptible to falls and fractures, because both bone mass density, together with calcium levels are reduced. We can’t move as quickly as we get older either, because joints become more stiff and cartilage diminishes. There’s also less flexibility regarding muscle tissue, which may result in it hardening.

Many older people may still feel young in their own minds. However, physically, there may be increasing signs that they aren’t as mobile as they used to be. This can then become a concern if a parent still tries to do as much as when they were younger. But a little help, can, if anything, make them feel revitalised. Because there’s less work to worry about they’ll feel less stressed – and they’ll also benefit from having more free time.

Come To A Mutual Decision 

Older people often aren’t aware of having the option of being able to stay in their own home, and receiving help rather than moving to a care home. Stressing the fact this is not the only option Can  then allow you to have a more relaxed conversation if that fear has been removed from your parent’s mind. Make sure that compassion for the parent’s feelings is a priority, and ensure that any decision is a mutual one.

Knowing that there is the option to be helped at home may also come as a relief for a parent. Having some help to continue managing at home is a positive option. When a loved one is the main carer of a parent, then home care can be beneficial to them, too, and give them a chance to rest.

A parent should be reminded that they are the most important person in this process, and it’s up to them whether they agree or disagree with any aspect of their care. Care workers are there to enable independent living, and this point should be emphasised to the parent.

Good Parental Care And Support

Make it clear that your parent’s well-being is a top priority. Speak openly about being worried about their safety, i.e. the risk of a fall, because they have become unsteady on their feet. While, when both parents are still together, explain that home care will result in having more time to relax as a couple. If looking after a spouse has become more challenging, then additional help can also then be welcomed by the other parent.

A local and professional home care provider can discuss with the whole family what home care involves. It also gives the family the chance to be reassured. For a professional home care provider the dignified treatment of the parent, and providing good care and support, will always be paramount.

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