Winter Wellness for Elderly People.

Winter Wellness is important for all of us, especially more so for our elderly loved ones.

From your immune system to your joints, skipping the essentials this winter is a fool’s game!

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Winter Wellness for Elderly People

Winter Wellness for Elderly People


Here’s our Four tips for Winter Wellness.


Hit the hay half an hour earlier.

Our bodies naturally look for more sleep during the winter, which is essential to keep our immune system running smoothly.  Don’t fight it!

Exercise Outdoors.

Pop on your favourite winter coat and get outside for a walk.  As little as 15 minutes can improve your mood and energy levels.


Make a date.


The winter tends to drive us all indoors, stay connected by scheduling a weekly catch up with friends and family.


Find the rainbow.


The weather outside might not be very colourful, but you plate can be.  Top up on fruit and vegetables to support your immune system.


Plenty of protein.


Protein might be the key to keeping svelte this winter, by helping to keep blood sugar levels stable and carbohydrate and sugar cravings in check.


Wrap your chilly fingers around a warm cup of tea and pull on your winter woollies, it’s time to put a plan in place to help protect your health this winter.