Our Commitment

At River Garden Care we like to be open and transparent on the standards that we declare that we uphold within our organisation. This way, both you as our client and us as an organisation can easily measure how we perform against our commitment and make improvements if we fall below the high standards we set ourselves.

At the same time we are realistic. By the very nature of the homecare sector being a ‘people’s business’ therein lies certain elements which are beyond our control. However, we like to reassure our clients and their families that we have developed extensive systems and processes to manage all eventualities, so should difficult situations arise, you know that we have the capability and experience to handle and resolve these types of situations.

We promise to:

  • Recognise and respect the diversity and individuality of our clients in all aspects
  • Actively promote our clients’ autonomy and independence and avoid dependence by encouraging and supporting our clients to participate as much as possible in their own care
  • Encourage our clients as well as their families and representatives to be involved in choosing the appropriate and desired level of care service and have ease and ability to alter any aspect of the care service at anytime
  • Ensure our clients are treated with kindness, respect and dignity and that a holistic view is taken on their best interests, welfare and well-being. We respect the clients rights to privacy and fulfillment and encourage their self-esteem, motivation and confidence
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and a high code of ethics in the way we run our organisation and deliver servicesWe respect our clients rights to personal independence, personal choice and to personal responsibilities for actions – even if this involves some riskWe professionally and thoroughly assess the needs and desires of clients before proposing care service options
  • Encourage our clients to have the confidence in expressing and sharing their views and opinions and have the opportunity to enjoy and contribute to wider society and maximise their potential and independence
  • Ensure our services are delivered in an ethical, reliable, efficient and dependable way so that clients and their families can have trust and peace of mind when engaging our organisation
  • Strive to achieve consistency in the carer assigned to our client, based upon personality and suitability matching, to help foster meaningful relationships between both parties.
  • Maintain an effective complaints and feedback process where the client has ease and no hesitation in making any comments on our service no matter how big or small the matter may be.
  • Ensure any complaints received are thoroughly investigated and dealt with in a fair, just and professional manner with the full involvement of the complainant.
  • Take a proactive role in developing good relations with the communities within which we operate and seek opportunities to ‘give-back’ to these communities.
  • Ensure the highest and most stringent levels of candidate selection, vetting and assessment are followed before hiring a new member of staff. We ensure all management and staff members share the same values, ethics and good code of conduct in line with organisational requirements.
  • Ensure we have a thorough and on-going training and assessment program so that all staff members are fit for purpose and reach the required standards as set by the organisation. We strive to ensure all of our carers work the full allotted time for each care visit.
  • Ensure our invoicing and payment process is well explained and agreed with our clients in advance and collections are accurate

Being a Responsible Care Provider

As part of our Social Responsibility objectives we seek to achieve the following:

  • Improve the quality and benefits of our servicesImprove clients’ experience with us through taking full responsibility and ownership for the service we offer
  • Provide impartial and honest advice to those that consult us
  • Train and develop our staff to meet their career and life goals
  • Develop loyalty and commitment in our clients and care workers
  • Work closely with and engage with the communities in which we operate
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations
  • Be at the forefront of raising awareness, advocating and taking part in the wider debate on how our society in general looks after its older people

River Garden Care is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to all of its stakeholders.

We recognise that this is an ongoing process and requires open feedback and analysis to enable us to continuously improve as an organisation. We regard our stakeholders as the following:

  • Our clients and their families
  • Our staff and their families
  • Our local community
  • Our governing bodies
  • The environment

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I just wanted to say how impressed I was to see how well your carers are looking after my Mum and supporting my Dad. I met C and S at lunch time and was impressed and relieved to observe their care and compassion

SR Bromley

I am writing just to say a very well done and congratulations on the excellent service you are providing. I met one of your caring staff at a shared client some days ago. I found her client interaction was exemplary and the happy relationship she has established with her clients is very evident. It was a pleasure to witness such excellent standards of care. I will highly recommend your agency to any that enquire.

CP Medical Response Team

Thank you for all the effort put in by your wonderful staff. I would be happy to recommend River Garden as an excellent care provider

I remember when we first met you put a lot of importance on the quality of your staff, certainly we would recommend C and K and River Garden. We would be happy to give you a reference

You and your team made (client) last days so much easier for my husband and I. (Client) really enjoyed the contact with the girls. I would certainly recommend your company

Mrs C Bromley

I wanted you to know that Mrs M’s family have had nothing but praise for the care workers from RGHC

Care Manager

Can'’t fault your company, we have been so impressed. Compared to the other companies we have used, yours is by far the most professional

RC Bromley

I want to personally thank M and yourself for so caringly looking after Mum. I would not hesitate to recommend to others the high standard and the sensitive care that you provided

BP Sidcup

Thank you for all your help, it’s carers like K and M that are needed very much and give the profession a good name.

JT Biggin Hill

We are more than satisfied, we are over the moon. You all do a fantastic job looking after her, she is noticeably more healthy and always seems happy

CM Bromley